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Not only do you attend national conferences, you also attend conferences abroad. You share your enthusiasm about this conference with your colleagues and possibly also with representatives of your specific Dutch scientific association. Together you believe that next time the conference should be organised in the Netherlands. However, your colleagues abroad often think exactly the same and believe their own country to be the perfect host country. This means you will enter into a BID-procedure.

We want to support you through this process. The BID-procedure means that various countries may issue a BID-book to convince the international association that their country should host the next conference. Several agencies and individuals are involved in the compilation of a BID-book that contains all relevant information:

  • The organising committee of the host country; you know exactly what the programme of the conference should be and you are fully aware of the requirements of the international association.
  • The possible venue; a BID-book often contains a preliminary budget which includes the potential costs of the conference venue.
  • The potential city; the local tourist office can provide general information about the city and its attractions. 
  • The National Office for Tourism and Conventions (NBTC); the NBTC is responsible for marketing and branding of the Netherlands and can provide relevant information about the Netherlands.
  • The Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) selects the specific information that is needed for the BID-book, including all logistical and organisational information. 

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