Sponsor Recruitment


We are your specialists in sponsor recruitment.

As we specialise in medical conferences, we have the best resources to find the right sponsors and exhibitors for your event. We analyse the options and offer advice on who would be best to help fund your conference, meeting or symposium. This sponsorship enables us to organise an exhibition alongside the meeting, giving the sponsor companies in the pharmaceutical and medical industry a chance to benefit from live marketing exposure to all delegates. We currently have two fantastic Congress Company Account Managers who source and secure the right sponsors for each individual conference. 
Over the many years of service in the medical conference industry we have developed an extensive database of contacts which we continue to expand. We specialise in all aspects of recruiting sponsors for your event and would welcome the chance to discuss this with you. Examples of the services we offer are:
  • Analysing and offering advice on pricing and facilities 
  • Contacting potential sponsors and exhibitors
  • Processing contracts with sponsors and exhibitors
  • Invoicing and collection of sponsorship funds 
  • Designing exhibition map 
  • Compiling information for sponsors and exhibitors 
  • Technical delivery of the exhibition

Are you looking for sponsors for your conference? We are here to help