Study Tours

For an unforgettable educational on! 

In order to keep your knowlegde up to date you can attend accredited conferences in your own country. You could also improve your knowledge by visiting conferences abroad, by means of a study tour. A study tour offers the advantage of traveling together with a select group of people who share your interests. Congress Company will organise everything down to the last detail, including flights, hotel, dinner and conference tickets. It is the perfect opportunity to develop your existing knowledge whilst expanding your professional network!

Congress Company organises and leads the study tours, the conferences abroad and everything in-between. We tailor our study tours to the requirements of our clients or we develop our own itineraries. Please visit the conference calendar on our website and select 'Study Tours' for an overview of what we current have on offer.

Would you like us to help you or do you want additional information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Standard study tours:

  • Study tour organisation at a very attractive rate
  • Organisation of flights, hotel, dinner and conference tickets, with an expert guide
  • If requested, we can also organise a social programme alongside the conference 
  • Site inspection, which ensures that everything will run smoothly during your visit

Customised study tours:

  • By using our knowledge and experience we design an attractive (annual) study tour
  • Identification of the financial risks and minimisation of these risks
  • Development of a solid marketing plan
  • You will profit from our purchasing power and market knowledge
  • Recruitment of the right sponsors for your specific study tour